Department of Social Services

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 TitleShort DescriptionPublic Hearing DatesInterim Commitee HearingComment Deadline 
Proposed Rules for the Division of Adult Services and Aging These rules update provisions regarding home and community-based services and caregiver support programs. 11/26/2013 12/17/2013 12/06/2013
Proposed Repeals for the Division of Adult Services and Aging The effects of these rules will be to remove obsolete provisions from administrative rule. These rules are being repealed because they are no longer applicable. 11/26/2013 12/17/2013 12/06/2013
Proposed Rules for the Division of Medical Services The effects of these rules will be to make language cleanup changes, update references, remove outdated references, update certain information to the department’s website, update list of noncovered services and prior authorizations, update cost sharing requirements for certain services, clarify billing and service requirements, clarify readmission time periods for same or related diagnoses, repeal obsolete provisions, and include psychiatric evaluations in the list of approved documentation for admission to certain facilities. These rules are being amended to update provisions related to the medical services program. 11/26/2013 12/17/2013 12/06/2013
Proposed Rules for various divisions within the Department of Social Services The effect of these changes will be to: remove all references to “mental retardation” or “mentally retarded” from administrative rulse and replace these references with “intellectual disability”. 11/27/2013 12/17/2013 12/09/2013
Chapter 67:47:01. Child Care Services The effects of these rules will be to include within the definition of a “relative provider” a caretaker who is a sibling of the child, rather than including such a sibling within the definition of “informal provider”, to establish that 15 semester credit hours at a college, university or technical institute is sufficient to meet the eligibility requirements for work and education to receive child care assistance, and to increase the time period during which a recipient must notify the department of a change in child care providers. The rules are being amended to more appropriately reference care by a sibling and to clarify school eligibility and reporting requirements. 05/08/2014 06/03/2014 05/19/2014
Chapter 67:10:05. Economic Assitance The effect of these rules will be to update payment standards regarding the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. These rules are being updated to be consistent with inflation policy. 05/08/2014 06/03/2014 05/19/2014
Chapter 67:48:02. Recoveries and Investigations The rule is being amended to insure continued alignment with the expanded definition of estate under 42 USC 1396p(b)(4), and for consistency with current practice. Reference to SDCL 10-40-1 is removed as the statute was repealed during the 2014 legislative session. 05/08/2014 06/03/2014 05/19/2014
Chapter 67:16:02 and Chapter 67:16:37. Medical Services Reimbursement rates for physician and other health services will be moved to the fee schedule on the department’s website. The terminology and licensing requirements for medical services within school districts is being updated. Care plan terminology and requirements are being clarified. 05/08/2014 06/03/2014 05/19/2014
46:20:34. Adult Services & Aging. Preadmission Screening and Resident Reviews Replaced the term rehabilitation with convalescent care and expand the duration from 30 days to 100 days for a Level II review exemption. Redefines one categorical determination for Level I relating to a diagnosis of dementia. 05/12/2014 06/03/2014 05/23/2014
Chapter 67:11:01 and Chapter 67:46 Eligibility for Medical Services The effects of the rules will be to update certain rules to reflect annual changes and changes in rules required due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Changes include: update the federal poverty level; remove, replace, and add certain terminology and applicable definitions to reflect current language; modify eligibility requirements for multiple groups by removing resource requirements for modified adjusted gross income eligibility groups and reference to aid to families with dependent children income requirements; and modify residency requirements for certain program eligibility. 06/11/2014 07/08/2014 06/22/2014
Economic Assistance The effects of the rules will be to repeal duplicative and obsolete rules, update outdated information, align rules with current practice, clarify language of certain rules, more specifically identify coverage groups, ensure compliance with federal regulations, and comply with changes due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 10/22/2014 11/12/2014 11/01/2014
Child Support Enforcement Program The effects of the rules will be to update certain terminology to reflect current language and practice. 11/24/2014 12/16/2014 12/04/2014
Article 67:15 (LIEAP), Article 67:16 (MS - Transportation) Article 67:18 (Child Support Enforcement), Article 67:42 (Family Foster Homes), Article 67:46 (Economic Assistance) The effects of the rules will be to update certain rules to reflect annual changes, update terminology to align with current practice, amend the mileage requirement for non-emergency medical transportation reimbursement, and clarify the exemption for family foster homes. 05/08/2015 06/08/2015 05/18/2015
Medical Services Rules The effects of the rules will be to repeal unnecessary rules, update the Department’s website, update coding from ICD-9 to ICD-10 to comply with federal regulations, updates the guidelines for terminology and coding to the most recent versions available, updates claim requirements and provide more information for providers and recipients via the Department’s website. 09/04/2015 09/21/2015 09/14/2015
Board of Examiners for Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists The effects of the rules will be repeal unnecessary rules, implement a fee to process license verifications and duplicate renewal cards, increase license and renewal license fees for marriage and family therapists, align language to be consistent with statutory language, clarify supervisor and exam requirements, and update the Code of Ethics to the most recent version. 11/20/2015 12/14/2015 11/20/2015