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Administrative Rules Changes for State Board of Elections 05:02:03:21, 05:02:04:06, 05:02:08:00, 05:02:08:07, 05:02:08:08, 05:02:08:09, 05:02:08:11, 05:02:08:20, 05:02:08:24, 05:02:08:25, 05:02:08:26, 05:02:08:27, 05:02:08:28, 05:02:08:34, 05:02:08:35, 05:02:08:36, 05:02:08:42, 05:02:09:01.03, 05:02:09:02, 05:02:09:16, 05:02:10:01, 05:02:10:04, and 05:02:10:05 The effect of the rules will be to update certain nominating petitions to provide consistency to address and date formats, revise petition forms for statewide initiated measure, constitutional amendment, and referendum petitions to include a circulator identification number for paid circulators, repeal rule and references to direct recording electronic voting machines, revise requirements for voter registration affidavits, clarify the allowable format for recapitulation sheets, update the standards used for approval of automatic tabulating systems, and revise the process for acceptance of petitions for municipal elections. These changes would also update the absentee ballot application form, absentee ballot instructions, and absentee ballot return envelope with a delayed implementation date of December 1, 2020. 08/19/2020 09/15/2020 08/19/2020
Administrative Rules Changes for State Board of Elections ยงยง 05:02:03:28, 05:02:03:29 and 05:02:07:06. The effect of the rules will be to adopt forms and processes relating to the implementation of the secured active voter registration designation. This designation is the result of the passage of Senate Bill 102 during the 2021 Legislative Session, which will protect voter registration information for certain voters. The proposed rules will also update the Certificate of Nomination to Fill Vacancy per the passage of Senate Bill 145. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to comply with the passage of recent legislation. 08/23/2021 09/13/2021 08/22/2021