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Article 24:43:07:07 (Accreditation and School Improvement) and Article 24:53:09:03 (Educator Preparation Program Approval) The effect of the rule 24:43:07:07 will be to clarify the procedure regarding the final determination in warning, denial, suspension, or removal of accreditation actions. The reason for adopting 24:43:07:07 is to ensure the process regarding accreditation action is transparent. The effect of 24:53:09:03 of the rules change will be to update the National Association for School Psychologists (NASP) standards edition year in the current language to “2020” and add language recommended by NASP regarding elements of program completion. The reason for 24:53:09:03 proposed rule change is to ensure that Birth to age 21 school psychologist education programs align with the most current industry standards and that the completers of this program have met the requirements necessary for credentialing by NASP. 01/19/2021 01/13/2021