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Department of Revenue Business Tax and Property & Special Taxes Rules Property & Special Taxes - the rule changes will update manuals and price of manuals to current version and ensure that the language of the rules is consistent. They will also clarify what types of equipment certain alcoholic beverage industry members can provide to special event alcohol retailers. Business Tax - repeal 64:09:01:08 as it is obsolete. 11/14/2017 10/27/2017 11/06/2017
Gaming Rules - Amendments and new rules GAMING RULES: 20:18:06:02, 20:18:12.01:07.01, 20:18:12.01:08.01, 20:18:12.01:17, 20:18:12.01:22, 20:18:12.01:23, 20:18:15:01.01, 20:18:15:30.03, 20:18:15:30.18, 20:18:16:02, 20:18:16:15.02, 20:18:16:15.15, 20:18:29:04, and 20:18:33:13 03/27/2018 03/26/2018