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GFP 2017 January Proposals - March Finals The proposed administrative rule changes will: 1) amend duck hunting season rules to reduce the pintail daily bag limit, 2) amend goose hunting season rules to increase light goose hunting season days, 3) increase the number of tundra swan licenses, 4) amend rules on public water zoning, 5) amend motorboat and watercraft rules to define and address careless operation and address eluding law enforcement by boat, and 6) amend aquatic invasive species rules and create addition rules to identify and define containment waters, require decontamination, create local boater registries. 03/02/2017 05/01/2017 02/27/2017
GFP 2017 May Proposals - June Finals The proposed administrative rule changes will: 1) establish facility use fees for the Good Earth State Park visitors center, 2) set season dates, units, and license allocations for SD deer hunting seasons, 3) amend rules authorizing terminally ill residents to hunt, 4) set license allocations and fees for Custer State Park bison hunts, 5) amend rules for nonresident waterfowl hunting, and 6) amend rules on trapping prohibitions. 06/08/2017 06/05/2017