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Updates to the Division of Labor and Management administrative rules. The Division of Labor and Management is proposing to update 47:02:02 and 47:03:05. The proposed changes revise the procedure for employee representative elections and revise the workers compensation fee schedule. 05/15/2017 06/05/2017 05/25/2017
Updates to the Division of Insurance administrative rules. The South Dakota Division of Insurance is proposing to amend rules in chapters 20:06:12, 20:06:13, 20:06:18, 20:06:19, 20:06:25, 20:06:26, and 20:06:36. These changes will update sources referenced in rule and incorporate the 2017 Medicare coverage amounts. They also propose to have continuing education course renew their approval with the Division. 05/15/2017 06/05/2017 05/25/2017
Updates to the Electrical Commission's administrative rules. The South Dakota Electrical Commission is proposing to amend rules in chapters 20:44:14, 20:14:16, 20:44:19, 20:44:20, 20:44:22, and 20:44:24. These changes will adopt the 2017 National Electric Code and 2015 International Building Code. They also update definitions; document the requirement to hold a license to gain experience; clarify that a federal employee is considered licensed; clarify a statutory reference regarding units of time for experience; change the expiration of maintenance licenses to occur in two years on the date of issuance; document notice requirements, document the available options an inspector may utilize at the stages of rough in, final, and the completion of corrections including, final void, issue a report or order a disconnect; clarify the minimum fee for an inspection man hour or fraction thereof; document the utilization of the term electrical equipment and the designation of machinery; update references to the National Electrical Code; require in use covers and a receptacle within 25 feet of the heating and ac equipment in residential housing units moved to new locations; and clarify the fee, notification and payment requirements and the inspection process for carnivals and celebrations. 05/04/2017 06/05/2017 05/04/2017
Updates to the Cosmetology Commission's administrative rules The South Dakota Cosmetology Commission is proposing to amend rules in chapters 20:42:01, 20:42:03, 20:42:04, 20:42:06, and 20:42:08. These changes will update and clarify rules, define new terms, more clearly list prohibited equipment and procedures, update and specify safety and infection control procedures, add new certification requirement, update rules relating to instructors, and remove outdated rule. 05/05/2017 05/05/2017
Updates to the Appraiser Certification Program administrative rules. The proposed rules will provide cleanup of language, and clarification and definition regarding appraiser classification and collectively refer to a certificate, license and registration as a credential; modify certain language, re-structure sentences, and correct errors. The rules will also allow reciprocal appraisers to be eligible to become supervisory appraisers without having to be certified in South Dakota for three years and clarify that a state-registered appraiser is required to complete an examination prescribed by the secretary. 06/30/2017 07/10/2017