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Amendment to Rules 2:01:02:01, 2:01:02:04.02, 2:01:06:17, 2:01:11:01, 2:01:11:02, 2:01:11:03, 2:01:11:04, 2:01:11:07, 2:01:11:09, 2:01:11:10, 2:05:01:01, 2:05:03:02, 2:05:03:03, 2:05:03:04, 2:05:03:06, and 2:05:03:09. The purpose of the proposed rules is to strengthen background investigations for law enforcement officers, ensure adequate training for officers when they are faced with escalating force, maintain the high professional standards expected of officers, and strengthen the transparency of commission actions and the public's ability to file a complaint against an officer. 04/21/2021 04/16/2021