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Aeronautics Rules -- ARSD Article 70:02 ARSD Chapter 70:02:01 – Procedural rules. Due to changes in the organizational structure of the South Dakota Department of Transportation, the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission is amending these rules to eliminate outdated references to commission staff and clarify the language of the rules. These rule changes will facilitate administration of the rules by promoting clarity and accuracy. ARSD Chapter 70:02:02 – Aerial applicators; Chapter 70:02:03 – Structures affecting aviation; Chapter 70:02:05 – Registration of aircraft; and Chapter 70:02:06 – Pilot and airport employee identification. These rules are being repealed. Repealing these rules is consistent with changes in the law and the current practices and procedures of the Department of Transportation. 08/20/2020 09/15/2020 08/17/2020
Title 70:07 -- Highway Construction Contracts The South Dakota Department of Transportation is proposing amendments to its administrative rules governing the qualification of prospective bidders on highway construction contracts, the rejection of bid proposals, the award of contracts, and the process for disqualifying bidders. The purpose of these rule changes is to facilitate the letting, award and administration of highway construction contracts. 08/27/2020 09/15/2020 08/24/2020