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70:02:04 -- Airport Licensing The South Dakota Aeronautics Commission will be considering changes to ARSD 70:02:04 Airport Licensing. The effect of the rules amendments will be to update references to the law implemented and statutory authority for the respective rule, updating references to state statutes, and ensuring aviation terminology is current and consistent. 04/18/2024 04/15/2024
• 70:01:02:02 – Pennington County speed zone rule; • 70:01:02:06 – Brookings County speed zone rule; • 70:01:02:15 – Butte County speed zone rule; • 70:01:02:21 – Custer County speed zone rule; • 70:01:02:49 – Meade County speed zone rule; and • 70:01:02:53 – Perkins County speed zone rule. The South Dakota Transportation Commission is proposing to change speed limits on State Trunk Highway 87, U.S. Highway 16, and State Trunk Highway 40 in Pennington County; on U.S. Highway 14 and 14B in Brookings County; on State Trunk Highway 34, State Trunk Highway 79, and U.S. Highway 212 in Butte County; on U.S. Highway 16A, State Trunk Highway 87, State Trunk Highway 89, and U.S. Highway 385 in Custer County; on U.S. Highway 212 and the Interstate 90 eastbound off ramp into the Tilford port of entry in Meade County; and on State Trunk Highway 20 in Perkins County. The proposed rules will also eliminate duplication and make stylistic changes. The purpose of the proposed rule changes is to enhance safety and increase clarity. 05/23/2024 05/19/2024