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70:01:02:37 -- Hutchinson County speed zone rule 70:01:02:37- Hutchinson County speed zone rule. A proposed rule change would lengthen the 45 miles per hour speed limit zone on State Trunk Highway 44 in Parkston. The purpose of this speed zone change is to address safety concerns related to heavy turning movements associated with school-related traffic. 06/25/2020 07/14/2020 06/22/2020
70:01:02:68 -- Speed limits in school zones. 70:01:02:68 Speed limits in school zones. The department is proposing to reduce speed limits on the following highways in the following communities when traffic is passing a school during a school recess or while children are going to or leaving school during its opening or closing hours: State Trunk Highway 37 in Groton, State Trunk Highway 127 in Rosholt, U.S. Highway 14 in De Smet, U.S. Highway 14 in Lake Preston, U.S. Highway 14 in Miller, State Trunk Highway 47 in Highmore, State Trunk Highway 247 in Roscoe, U.S. Highway 212 in Faulkton, U.S. Highway 12 in Lemmon, U.S. Highways 16 and 16B in Hill City, State Trunk Highway 40 in Hermosa, U.S. Highway 212 in Belle Fourche, U.S. Highway 212 in Newell, State Trunk Highway 240 in Wall, U.S. Highway 18 in Hot Springs, Interstate Highway 90 service road in Summerset, State Trunk Highway 11 in Brandon, State Trunk Highway 38 in Hartford, State Trunk Highway 37P in Springfield, State Trunk Highway 46 in Wagner, State Trunk Highway 25 in Scotland, State Trunk Highway 34 in Woonsocket, U.S. Highway 81 in Salem, State Trunk Highway 73 in Philip, State Trunk Highway 20 in Hoven, State Trunk Highway 1804 in Mobridge, U.S. Highway 83 in Herreid, State Trunk Highway 63 in McLaughlin, and U.S. Highway 83 in Fort Pierre. These reduced speed limits will promote safety, by allowing the enforcement of lowered speed limits in school zones when children are present. 06/25/2020 07/14/2020 06/22/2020