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70:01:02:05 -- Codington County speed zone rule Chapter 70:01:02:05 – Codington County speed zone. A 50 miles per hour (mph) speed zone on State Trunk Highway 81 in and around Watertown is being reduced to 45 mph, and this 45 mph speed zone will extend further south on State Trunk Highway 81. This reduced speed zone coincides with the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of U.S. Highway 81 and 20th Avenue Southeast in Watertown and will enhance the safety and function of the highway. 09/24/2018 11/20/2018 09/20/2018
70:01:02:12 -- Bon Homme County speed zone rule The Transportation Commission will consider reducing the speed limit from 65 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour on State Trunk Highway 50 in and around Tabor. This change has been requested by a citizen to enhance safety. 10/25/2018 11/20/2018 10/21/2018
70:01:02:55 -- Roberts County speed zone rule A speed limit reduction is proposed for the current 55 miles per hour limited speed zone on Highway 12 in and around Summit, South Dakota. The purpose of reducing the speed limit is to improve safety. 11/29/2018 11/26/2018
70:01:02:67 -- Todd County speed zone rule The speed limit is being lowered from 65 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour on U.S. Highway 83 beginning at the South Dakota/Nebraska border, then north for 1.46 miles. The purpose of this speed limit change is to improve safety in an area with high levels of pedestrian traffic. 11/29/2018 11/26/2018