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DSS - Medical Services The effect of the rule changes will be to update to current coding manuals, clarify coverage of 90 day fills on eligible generic maintenance medication, clarify fees for personal care services, allow enrolled secure medical transportation providers to also enroll as a community transportation provider, add a definition for telehealth, to allow continuation of public health emergency coverage of telehealth services, and to add nurse midwifes as a type of provider a visit can occur with within the Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics coverage chapter 08/17/2021 09/13/2021 08/27/2021
Behavioral Health The primary effect of the rule changes is to replace the term division with department throughout most of the articles 67:61 (Substances Use Disorder) and 67:62 (Mental Health). The accreditation and licensing of providers or agencies recently transitioned to the newly formed Office of Licensing and Accreditation within the Department of Social Services.  The proposed change of “division” to “department” within articles 67:61 and 67:62 will reflect this organizational change and allow the Office of Licensing and Accreditation to sign the accreditation certificates issued to agencies by the office that completes the work.  Additional effects of the rule changes will be to update form and style to current guidance throughout the rules including the removal of acronym’s and to correctly locate SDCL subsection from law implemented to general authority sections. This will be consistent with other rules recently amended. 10/04/2021 11/01/2021 10/14/2021