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Child Care Services The effect of the rule changes will be to update to current child care licensing rule citations, update the department response time for an application for license or registration certificate to align with the child care licensing rule, update the in-home or informal provider training requirements to align with the new child care licensing training language, and includes form and style edits. 07/27/2023 09/21/2023 08/07/2023
Medical Services The effect of the rule changes will be to update citations, update procedure codes that are reimbursed at a percent of the provider’s usual and customary charge and included on the applicable fee schedule, clarify coverage for the removal of implanted contraceptives, clarify coverage for routine foot care services for those diagnosed with metabolic, neurologic, or peripheral vascular diseases, update personal care assessment frequency and the information reviewed, clarify reasons for discontinuation of personal care services, remove the certificate of medical necessity requirement to align with Medicare, increase the timeliness of access to breast pumps by updating billing provisions, update treatment plan timing to coordinate with the mental health chapter and current practice, update and clarify nursing facility level of care definitions, categories, and various coverage for services, clarify what settings and services apply to each level of care classification, clarify and detail the specialized therapy services that are covered under the Family Support 360 waiver program and update the applicable procedure codes for billing those services, and remove repealed rule references. 10/11/2023 11/07/2023 10/21/2023
Behavioral Health The primary effect of the rule changes is to replace the term division with department throughout most of articles 67:61 (Substances Use Disorder) and 67:62 (Mental Health). The accreditation and licensing of providers or agencies transitioned to the newly formed Office of Licensing and Accreditation within the Department of Social Services.  The proposed change of “division” to “department” within articles 67:61 and 67:62 will reflect this organizational change and allow the Office of Licensing and Accreditation to sign the accreditation certificates issued to agencies as they are completing the work.  Additional effects of the rule changes will be to update form and style to current guidance, remove acronyms, broaden the term physician to clinician, related to tuberculosis screening to ensure consistency with the Department of Health, and adjust the education requirement for staff members providing certain direct services and support to clients from an associate degree to a high school diploma or equivalent, and adding supervision from a clinical supervisor. 10/11/2023 11/07/2023 10/21/2023