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§§ 12:03:03:01, §§ 12:03:03:02, §§ 12:03:03:03, §§ 12:03:03:04, §§ 12:03:03:05, §§ 12:03:03:06, §§ 12:03:03:07, §§ 12:03:03:08, §§ 12:03:03:09, §§ 12:03:03:10, §§ 12:03:03:11, and §§ 12:03:03:12. The revised rules are being proposed to accommodate an additional $3,000,000 of one-time general funds added to the conservation district special revenue fund by House Bill 1277, passed during the 2022 legislative session. The conservation district special rev-enue fund is administered by the conservation commission. 10/03/2022 11/01/2022 09/30/2022
ARSD 12:82:01 through 12:82:09 Update existing state industrial hemp rules to meet requirements in federal regulations (7 CFR 990) and state laws (changes to SDCL 38-35 made during the 2021 and 2022 legislative session) allowing the state to maintain approval of the USDA hemp plan. 10/14/2022 10/25/2022
ARSD 74:51:01; 74:51:01:53; 74:51:01:01; 74:51:02:04; 74:51:03:05; 74:51:03:07 Revisions and corrections to the Surface Water Quality Standards that are necessary and appropriate to ensure the standards meet the needs of the federal Clean Water Act and the state of South Dakota. 12/07/2022 11/27/2022
Amendment to ARSD 74:05:08 and 74:05:11 General purpose of the amendments is to update population and median household income data to 2020 Census data and make updates as necessitated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 03/30/2023 03/27/2023
§§ 12:02:04:05 The effect of the rules will increase gate admission by $4 for adults and $1 for youth: Adult daily will go from $6 to $10 and youth daily $4 to $5. Discounts still apply for weekly admission (adult weekly $25 to $40 and youth weekly $15 to $20), daily family pass ($20 to $35), and weekly family value pack ($80 to $130). 04/06/2023 05/02/2023 04/16/2023
ARSD 12:62:03:01.07 The rules will add wild parsnip to the local noxious weed and declared pest list. This will allow the counties the ability to select locally noxious weeds and pests for their local county listings. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to allow counties to be able to request wild parsnip as a locally declared noxious weed or pest in their county. At the request of a county weed board, the Commission determined that wild parsnip does meet the characteristics of a locally noxious weed set forth in ARSD 12:62:07:01 and would add it to the listing of locally noxious weeds and pests. This would allow counties to take enforcement actions against landowners who chose not to control wild parsnip. 04/18/2023 04/12/2023
Amendments to ARSD 12:56 Proposed rules will update certification and training regulations as part of signed certification and training plan with the EPA. The proposed rules will also update pesticide recycling rules on types of containers and waive pre-registration requirement. 05/11/2023 05/21/2023