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South Dakota Board of Funeral Services Reflect changes made to statutes during the 2023 and 2024 legislative sessions. 05/08/2024 06/10/2024 05/06/2024
South Dakota Board of Dentistry Updates collaborative supervision rules and removes a clinical practice requirement as a result of HB 1074 from the 2024 legislative session. 05/31/2024 06/10/2024 05/24/2024
South Dakota Board of Nursing Revise the approval process for clinical enrichment programs and use of nurse preceptors and revise and add requirements for nurses and registrants to report to the board within 60 days a new address, name, or other reportable event. 06/05/2024 07/16/2024 05/29/2024
South Dakota Board of Podiatry Increases the annual license renewal fee for podiatrists from $350 to $500. 08/16/2024 09/10/2024 08/12/2024
South Dakota Board of Physical Therapy Clarifies continuing education requirements for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants and updates what entities can approve CE. 08/20/2024 09/10/2024 08/14/2024