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Amendment of proposed rules numbered 12:07. The effect of the proposed rule is repealed rules for outdated programs no longer offered, consolidated rules to combine programs into one set, and enhanced programs offered for small or beginning farmers. 08/06/2018 08/20/2018 08/16/2018
Emerald Ash Borer Rules The proposed rule would establish emerald ash borer as a regulated insect and establishes restrictions on the movement of material that might further the spread of emerald ash borer. The emerald ash borer has caused significant damage and loss of ash trees where it is established within the United States. This pest has the potential to cause significant strain on local government budgets. 07/26/2018 08/20/2018 07/26/2018
Statewide noxious weeds 12:62:03:01.06. Statewide noxious weeds. The following weeds are declared to be noxious statewide: (1) Absinth wormwood; (1) (2) Canada thistle; (2) (3) Hoary cress; (3) (4) Leafy spurge; (4) (5) Perennial sow thistle; (5) (6) Purple loosestrife; (6) (7) Russian knapweed; and (7) (8) Salt Cedar. 09/11/2018 09/10/2018