Department of Public Safety

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Revision of 61:18:01:02.02, 61:19:04:01, 61:25:04:02, 61:25:04:03, 61:25:04:04, 61:25:04:09, 61:25:04:11, 61:25:04:12, 61:25:04:13, 61:26:02:01, and 61:23:01:04; and repeal of 61:18:08:01 and 61:18:08:03; Proposed rules to increase the amount of time allowed to appeal an administrative driver license action, to repeal unnecessary driver license rules, to update commercial driver license language to conform to federal standards and 2015 legislation, to update the prorated fees for licenses or identification cards issued to those under 21, and to update the adoption of Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance standards. 07/31/2015 08/17/2015 08/10/2015
Department of Public Safety Office of Weights and Measures and Office of the State Fire Marshal The proposed Administrative Rule revisions and repeals involve Rules from the Office of Weights and Measures and the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The effect of the rules will be to update the adoptions of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Building, Fire, and Mechanical Codes, to update and revise references, to require the use of certified test weights, to allow NIST traceable field test standards for refined fuels and liquid petroleum gas, and to repeal repetitive rules. The reasons for adopting the proposed rules are to allow the utilization of modern weights and measures technology and test methods; to utilize current, safe building practices; and to update and clarify the listed rules. 08/02/2016 09/26/2016 08/16/2016
Department of Public Safety Proposed Administrative Rules Revisions The effect of the rules will be to adopt the 2015 edition of the National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, to adopt the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s "North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria”, to revise the requirements for motorcycle safety education courses, and to remove the requirement of providing a social security number when transferring a compliant out of state driver’s license to South Dakota, and updating the federal adoption to match statute. 07/18/2017 08/22/2017 08/01/2017
Department of Public Safety Office of Weights and Measures, Highway Patrol, and Victims' Services Program. Proposed amendment to rules to expand the 1 psi Reid Vapor Pressure waiver, adopt the 2019 edition of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance handbook, expand the definition of immediate family for crime victims' compensation and to expand the service period for which victims of crime may be reimbursed for counseling services. 08/12/2019 09/09/2019 08/26/2019
Department of Public Safety 2018 Administrative Rules Promulgations and Revisions This Rules packet adopts the 2018 edition of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance handbook, establishes requirements for certified nonprofit bus inspectors, revises the harvesting season and radius for hours of service exemption, establishes driver license suspension periods for points accumulation, revises the documents required to obtain a driver’s license, updates references to federal adoptions, and creates a declaratory petition process. 07/19/2018 08/20/2018 08/02/2018
South Dakota Department of Public Safety Industrial Hemp The effect of the rules to regulate industrial hemp production in the state of South Dakota 11/13/2020 12/07/2020 11/24/2020