Department of Public Safety

Revision of 61:18:01:02.02, 61:19:04:01, 61:25:04:02, 61:25:04:03, 61:25:04:04, 61:25:04:09, 61:25:04:11, 61:25:04:12, 61:25:04:13, 61:26:02:01, and 61:23:01:04; and repeal of 61:18:08:01 and 61:18:08:03;

Proposed rules to increase the amount of time allowed to appeal an administrative driver license action, to repeal unnecessary driver license rules, to update commercial driver license language to conform to federal standards and 2015 legislation, to update the prorated fees for licenses or identification cards issued to those under 21, and to update the adoption of Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance standards.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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