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110 5:01:02:14. In-state per diem rates The effect of the rules will be to increase the allowable in-state lodging reimbursement amount for State employees traveling on official in-state travel effective January 1, 2015.
210 Federal, state statutory changes, clarifications The effects of the rules are to provide additional instructions to voters on how to mark an optical scan ballot, allow the person in charge of the election to determine where the ballot stamp watermark is placed on the ballot, add residence address including city and zip code to the nominating petition for school board candidates, add city and zip code to the municipal candidate nominating petition, add aldermanic as a type of municipal government that can increase or decrease the number of wards on the petition form, add a notation to the general authority section to the administrative rule for approving electronic ballot marking systems, clarify what ballots can be requested on the absentee ballot application and what ballots can be requested to be emailed to military and overseas voters on the absentee ballot application, clarify who a recount petition is filed with, and repeal a notice of cancellation of election that is not required by statute.
238 Creation of Proposed Juvenile Cited Violation Ticket Forms - ARSD 2:03:01:05 The purpose of the rule is to provide a ticket form to be used for juvenile cited violations as required by SDCL 26-7A-126 and 23-1A-2.1. The rule will allow law enforcement agencies the options of a new juvenile citation form or a modified uniform traffic ticket to be used as a juvenile citation.
319 Administrative Rule Changes for State Board of Finance Consider the adoption and amendment of proposed rules numbered 5:01:01:01, 5:01:02:14, and 5:01:07:07, inclusive
346 GFP 2017 May Proposals - June Finals The proposed administrative rule changes will: 1) establish facility use fees for the Good Earth State Park visitors center, 2) set season dates, units, and license allocations for SD deer hunting seasons, 3) amend rules authorizing terminally ill residents to hunt, 4) set license allocations and fees for Custer State Park bison hunts, 5) amend rules for nonresident waterfowl hunting, and 6) amend rules on trapping prohibitions.
348 Board of Elections - 2017 Rules Hearing Specify a 30 day deadline date for a voter to return the invalid/incomplete voter registration acknowledgment notice to provide consistency with all county auditors and comply with signed House Bill 1036 from the 2017 Legislative Session. Change the name of a Secondary Election to Runoff Election in the above administrative rules is due to signed House Bills 1036 and 1037. Add judicial office to be listed in the notice of deadline for filing nominating petitions for the primary election which should have been included in the past. Due to the passage of Senate Bill 77 and House Bills 1001 & 1034 the addition of the following language is being added to the general election ballot “Legislative Research Council’s Prison/Jail Population Cost Estimate and/or Fiscal Note. Additional clean up amendments to the primary and general election ballot formats to include notations for front and reverse sides, clarifying ballot printing notes, adding an option for county finance officer, and providing the format for State Representative Districts 26 & 28 A and B and new primary and general election ballot formats are being added to allow county auditor’s to purchase new ballot marking devices. Amending the tax levy opt-out ballot format to be used by county, municipality or school to provide clarification on the format for those local jurisdictions. Create a new ballot format for capital outlay elections for school districts to provide assistance to the school district. Create a new ballot format for school sentinel program elections to provide assistance to the school district. Create a new ballot format to assist county auditors with ballot for tax levy ballots for maintaining repairing, constructing or reconstructing roads and bridges. Clarifying that a petition sheet must be printed on a self-contained sheet of paper printed front and reverse side due to passage of HB 1034. Amended the rule for the random sample on statewide candidates and statewide ballot measures due to passage of HB 1035 by replacing the 5% random sample requirement to a sample that is statistically correlative to not less than a 95% level of confidence with a margin of error equal to not more than 3.62%. Repealed two petitions for conservation district candidates and amended the third petition due to the passage of SB 78 which changed the candidates for district supervisors to run at large instead of by areas. Amended the application for absentee voting to add language to clarify what category of Uniformed Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter the applicant falls under to comply with the federal law and we also provided other language to simplify the application instructions. Removed language requiring an Uniformed Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter has to provide their voting residence on the ballot return envelope as there is no state law that requires those voters to provide that information.
367 Department of Public Safety Proposed Administrative Rules Revisions The effect of the rules will be to adopt the 2015 edition of the National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, to adopt the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s "North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria”, to revise the requirements for motorcycle safety education courses, and to remove the requirement of providing a social security number when transferring a compliant out of state driver’s license to South Dakota, and updating the federal adoption to match statute.
376 Update to Board of Barber Examiner's Rules Updating rules following the passage of HB 1050.
377 Updating rules to revise the Real Estate Commission's disciplinary process This rule changes will allow disciplinary actions against licensees to be resolved in a timelier and more efficient manner.
378 Updates to the South Dakota Athletic Commission administrative rules. These rule revisions clarify the requirements for promoters, contestants, judges, seconds, and physicians; revise weight allowances for contestants; prescribe additional safety requirements for a ring used in mixed martial arts contests; provide a process to allow a contestant to request a review of a bout; and adopt unified rules of mixed martial arts.
379 GFP 2017 June Proposals - July Finals The proposed administrative rule changes will: 1)amend the hunting restriction near roads and buildings within Custer State Park to include coyotes, 2)close the sage grouse hunting season, 3)adjust the number of resident antelope hunting licenses allocated to West River/East River hunting units, 4)close the Custer State Park antelope hunting season, 5)reopen the Custer State Park coyote hunting season and adjust the season dates and licensing requirements.
380 South Dakota Board of Dentistry Updates the registration process for dental entities and repeals obsolete provisions.
381 GFP 2017 July Proposals - September Finals The proposed administrative rule changes will: 1)create a “no boating zone” on the waters of Swan Lake in Clark County from October 20 to December 31, inclusive, 2)establish a process whereby an owner of private property underlying any nonmeandered lake listed in SDCL 41-23-8 may petition the GFP Commission to allow the owner of private property to restrict recreational use of the water overlying the owner’s private property.
387 ARSD 74:52 and 74:57 Surface Water Discharge and Feedlot Permitting Programs The effect of the proposed amendments will be to update South Dakota’s existing surface water discharge and concentrated animal feeding operation permitting rules by incorporating the latest federal regulations by reference and clarifying current rule language. The proposed amendments primarily reflect changes made to the federal permitting regulations as of July 1, 2016. The reasons for adopting the proposed amendments are to ensure South Dakota’s permitting rules comply with the federal regulations and to allow South Dakota to maintain approval of its surface water discharge and feedlot permitting programs.
388 5:04:03:01 and 5:04:03:04, inclusive. The effect of the rules will be to update notary public application and change forms. Persons interested in presenting data, opinions, and arguments for or against the proposed rules may do so by appearing in person at the hearing or by sending them to the South Dakota Secretary of State, State Capitol, 500 East Capitol, Pierre, South Dakota 57501. Material sent by mail must reach the Office of the Secretary of State by October 9, 2017, to be considered at the hearing. Additional written comments will be received until October 20, 2017. After the hearing, the Secretary of State will consider all written and oral comments it receives on the proposed rules. The Secretary of State may modify or amend a proposed rule at that time to include or exclude matters that are described in this notice. Notice is further given to individuals with disabilities that this hearing is being held in a physically accessible place. Please notify the Office of the Secretary of State at least 48 hours before the public hearing if you have special needs for which special arrangements must be made. The telephone number for making special arrangements is (605) 773-3537. Copies of the proposed rules may be obtained without charge from the Office of the Secretary of State Suite 204 State Capitol 500 East Capitol Pierre, South Dakota 57501