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501 Chapter 12:68:16 Importation of Equine Amend rules to update processes for interstate movement of horses that will stay in the destination state short term. The effect of the proposed rule would be to update processes to more accurately reflect current industry practices making it more convenient for interstate movement of horses that will stay in the destination state short term. Reason: Requested by equine exhibitionists.
505 20:16:01:01, 20:16:15:01 to 20:16:15:35, inclusive, 20:16:17:01 to 20:16:17:41, inclusive, 20:16:18:01 to 20:16:18:41, inclusive, 20:16:19:01 to 20:16:19:42, inclusive, 62:01:01:01 to 62:01:01:03, inclusive, 62:01:02:01 to 62:01:02:11, inclusive, 62:01:03:02 to 62:01:03:05, inclusive, 62:01:04:00 to 62:01:04:13, inclusive, 62:01:05:01 to 62:01:05:17, inclusive, 62:01:06:04 to 62:01:06:07, inclusive, 62:01:07:01 to 62:01:07:13, inclusive, 62:01:08:01, 62:01:08:03, 62:01:09:01 to 62:01:09:08, inclusive, 62:03:01:01, 62:03:02:01, 62:03:02:08, 62:03:05:02, 62:03:05:06, 62:03:07:02, and 62:04:01:01 The proposed rules update the statutory citations of authority and internal cross references to correspond with the changes resulting from passage of House Bill 1010 of the 2019 Legislative Session that reorganized the statutes relating to SDRS in a new chapter of law. In addition, language is clarified and obsolete provisions are repealed.
534 State Brand Board The effect of the rules will be an increase in brand program fees, set a brand application fee, and set the fee for brand inspections requested outside the brand inspection area, not to exceed $1.00/head. The brand program fees are for registrations, transfers, renewals, duplicate certificates, and a brand application fee.
571 68:02 Board of Economic Development The effect of the amendments will be to authorize the Board of Economic Development to make loans from the Revolving Economic Development and Initiative Fund for the construction and refurbishment of multi-family housing. The amendments will allow for the amortization of loans for multi-family housing for a term of up to 30 years. The proposal also includes the repeal of a transitional rule adopted in 2007 which is not obsolete.
578 South Dakota Weed and Pest Control Commission Remove Russian Knapweed from the statewide noxious weed listing, add Absinth Wormwood to the statewide noxious weed listing, and remove Absinth Wormwood from the locally noxious weed listing. At a county request, Palmer Amaranth would be added to the listing of locally noxious weeds and pests.
584 Amendment to rules 55:09:04:01, 55:09:04:02, 55:09:04:04.01, 55:09:04:05, 55:09:04:12 The effect of these rule changes will be to expand when a state employee can use sick leave and set forth the parameters of paid family leave upon the birth or adoption of a child.
591 Division of Labor and Management These rules will update references on relative values and allow a party to have a case dismissed for lack of prosecution without prejudice.
595 July Finalization Rules that will be finalized by the GFP Commission on July 16-17, 2020
598 Aeronautics Rules -- ARSD Article 70:02 ARSD Chapter 70:02:01 – Procedural rules. Due to changes in the organizational structure of the South Dakota Department of Transportation, the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission is amending these rules to eliminate outdated references to commission staff and clarify the language of the rules. These rule changes will facilitate administration of the rules by promoting clarity and accuracy. ARSD Chapter 70:02:02 – Aerial applicators; Chapter 70:02:03 – Structures affecting aviation; Chapter 70:02:05 – Registration of aircraft; and Chapter 70:02:06 – Pilot and airport employee identification. These rules are being repealed. Repealing these rules is consistent with changes in the law and the current practices and procedures of the Department of Transportation.
599 Administrative Rules Changes for State Board of Elections 05:02:03:21, 05:02:04:06, 05:02:08:00, 05:02:08:07, 05:02:08:08, 05:02:08:09, 05:02:08:11, 05:02:08:20, 05:02:08:24, 05:02:08:25, 05:02:08:26, 05:02:08:27, 05:02:08:28, 05:02:08:34, 05:02:08:35, 05:02:08:36, 05:02:08:42, 05:02:09:01.03, 05:02:09:02, 05:02:09:16, 05:02:10:01, 05:02:10:04, and 05:02:10:05 The effect of the rules will be to update certain nominating petitions to provide consistency to address and date formats, revise petition forms for statewide initiated measure, constitutional amendment, and referendum petitions to include a circulator identification number for paid circulators, repeal rule and references to direct recording electronic voting machines, revise requirements for voter registration affidavits, clarify the allowable format for recapitulation sheets, update the standards used for approval of automatic tabulating systems, and revise the process for acceptance of petitions for municipal elections. These changes would also update the absentee ballot application form, absentee ballot instructions, and absentee ballot return envelope with a delayed implementation date of December 1, 2020.
600 Law Enforcement Officers The amended rules amend the requirements for certification or employment as a law enforcement officer, canine team, school sentinel, or 911 telecommunicator.
601 Board of Examiners of Psychologists The effect of the rules will be to update the code of ethics to the most recent version and add a new chapter that sets a minimum continuing education requirement, defines a continuing education unit, provide guidance on courses eligible for continuing education credit, provides guidance on documentation needed for continuing education, and provides for an exception to the requirements where applicable. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to update to the most recent version of the code of ethics and set minimum continuing education requirements pursuant to SDCL 36-27A-26.
602 Real Estate Commission Administrative Rules Update to Real Estate Commission's administrative rules. These rules implement changed from SB 28, repeal outdated rules, and remove campgrounds from the defitions of a time-share.
603 South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners The effect of the rules will be clarify and update verbiage, remove unnecessary and redundant regulations, combine disciplinary action into one section for all chiropractic professions regulated, update Code of Ethics, clarify continuing education requirements, update eligibility requirements for chiropractic assistants and chiropractic radiographers, and reduce renewal fee for active chiropractic licenses.
604 South Dakota Board of Examiners for Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists The effect of the rules is to implement Senate Bill 18 and Senate Bill 19. Specifically, the proposed rules change the timeline for renewal of licensees to a biennial renewal; clarify the application process and qualifications for a professional counselor, professional counselor-mental health and marriage and family therapist; clarify the requirements for licensure by endorsement for professional counselors, professional counselors-mental health, and marriage and family therapists licensed in another state; provide a temporary license option for professional counselors, professional counselors-mental health, and marriage and family therapists licensed in another state who do not immediately meet the examination requirements for licensure by endorsement; provide an option to inactivate a license or reinstate an expired license, under certain circumstances; establish standards for the practice of counseling and marriage and family therapy by electronic means; update and clarify the requirements for post-graduate supervision; update and clarify the requirements for continuing education to renew a license; set the necessary fees for biennial renewal and the license options provided for in Senate Bill 18 and Senate Bill 19; and reorganize the current chapters pertaining to professional counseling, professional counseling-mental health, and marriage and family therapy to be user friendly for licensees and prospective licensees and clearly articulate the requirements for licensure and the expectations of licensees.