All current proposed rules

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534 State Brand Board The effect of the rules will be an increase in brand program fees, set a brand application fee, and set the fee for brand inspections requested outside the brand inspection area, not to exceed $1.00/head. The brand program fees are for registrations, transfers, renewals, duplicate certificates, and a brand application fee.
571 68:02 Board of Economic Development The effect of the amendments will be to authorize the Board of Economic Development to make loans from the Revolving Economic Development and Initiative Fund for the construction and refurbishment of multi-family housing. The amendments will allow for the amortization of loans for multi-family housing for a term of up to 30 years. The proposal also includes the repeal of a transitional rule adopted in 2007 which is not obsolete.
636 Improve and update existing rule language pertaining to: confidentiality, rate filing, energy facility plans, siting rules, local exchange competition, telecom services, pipeline safety, and stray voltage Areas identified as unclear, outdated, or otherwise in need of cleanup.
681 Bureau of Human Resources' administrative rules These rules update the appeal timelines for benefit plans and when employees can make changes to their election of benefits.
695 ARSD 12:02:04:05 (Admission Rules) The effect of the rules will increase gate admission by $4 for adults and $1 for youth: Adult daily will go from $6 to $10 and youth daily $4 to $5. Discounts still apply for weekly admission (adult weekly $25 to $40 and youth weekly $15 to $20), daily family pass ($20 to $35), and weekly family value pack ($80 to $130).
702 Department of Labor and Regulation, Appraiser Certification Program These rules create a Registered-Trainee appraiser credential, clarify scope of practice of state-registered appraisers, update application contents for supervisory appraisers and Appraisal Management Companies (AMC), repeal outdated rules, revise exam requirements for certain credentials, establish rules for experience training programs, revise definitions, and bring rules into closer alignment with federal rules.
705 2022 July Finalizations Rules to be finalized at July Commission meeting
706 ARSD 24:55 (Public School Accountability System). The effect of the rules will be to revise criteria pertaining to attendance, coursework readiness, exiting the English learner program, comprehensive and targeted support designation calculations, and to clarify and update language. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to provide clarity and ensure that these calculation changes align with the recently approved amendments to the ESEA State Plan.
710 ARSD 24:43 The public hearing for these rules has been postponed. A new hearing date has not been scheduled. ------------------------------------------ The effect of the rules will be to prohibit the adoption of content standards that promote inherently divisive concepts and revise language regarding waivers of administrative rules. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to comply with Executive Order 2022-02 and clarify the justification required for waivers of administrative rules.
711 70:01:02:20 – Corson County speed zone rule; 70:01:02:24 – Dewey County speed zone rule; 70:01:02:63 – Walworth County speed zone rule; and 70:01:02:67 – Todd County speed zone rule The effect of the rule amendments will be to establish or modify reduced speed zones on State Trunk Highway 63 in Corson County and Todd County, U.S. Highway 212 in Dewey County, and U.S. Highway 12 in Walworth County. The reason for adopting the proposed amendments is to enhance safety.
713 Administrative Rule Changes for State Board of Elections §§ 5:02:03:01, 5:02:05:00, 5:02:05:01, 5:02:09:16, and 5:02:16:36. The effect of the rules will be to update recapitulation sheets to provide clarifying language and additional tabulation descriptions, allow for the use of certain abbreviations on official ballot stamps, provide clarity regarding the certificate of transmittal to a counting board, and update the voter registration form to provide clarity to the choice of party information section. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to provide clarity for election workers and the public regarding forms used in the election process.
714 Department of Human Services Division of Rehabilitation Services §§ 46:30:09:03, 46:30:10:03, 46:30:12:01, 46:30:12:03, 46:31:01:05; Division of Developmental Disabilities §§ 46:04:01:01, 46:04:01:02, 46:04:01:04, 46:04:01:06, 46:04:01:08, 46:04:01:09, 46:04:01:11, 46:04:01:12, 46:04:01:15, 46:04:01:16, 46:04:01:21, 46:04:01:24, 46:04:01:27, 46:11:01:01, 46:11:02:05.1, 46:11:02:06, 46:11:02:07, 46:11:02:09, 46:11:02:10, 46:11:03:00, 46:11:04:04, 46:11:05:02, 46:11:05:05, 46:11:05:05.1, 46:11:05:05.2, 46:11:07:16, 46:11:08:01, 46:11:08:02, 46:11:11:05, and the proposed repeal of 46:04:01:10 and 46:11:06:03 The effect of the rules will be to increase eligibility for certain telecommunications equipment; to correct and specify eligibility for the communication assistance services program; to add criteria for denial, suspension or revocation of interpreter certification; update shared living terminology and compliance requirements; expand time for shared living required training and training requirements; amend definitions; adjust provider enrollment requirements; clean up language and internal references; specify records requirements; update case management provisions; clarify the requirement for a functional behavior analysis; clarify provider role regarding immunizations; increase eligibility for community training services; to repeal day service provisions within the shared living chapter; and to repeal the 300-foot provider building separation requirement.
715 South Dakota Board of Nursing Revise and update rules on delegation of medication administration tasks to nursing assistive personnel; remove registration requirement for diabetes aides ; and require only those medication aids employed in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, or hospitals to be registered with the Board
716 • 70:01:02:02 – Pennington County speed zone rule • 70:01:02:57 – Spink County speed zone rule • Concerning 70:01:02:02 – Pennington County speed zone rule, the effect of the proposed amendments will be to: (1) delete limited speed zones on highway segments in Pennington County that have been obliterated or transferred to a local government; and (2) establish a limited speed zone for the crossroad over Interstate Highway 90 at mileage reference marker 59.19 (LaCrosse Street) in Pennington County. The reasons for adopting the proposed amendments are to eliminate outdated speed zone provisions and enhance safety. As to 70:01:02:57 – Spink County speed zone rule, the effect of the proposed amendments will be to change the speed limits on U.S. Highway 281 and U.S. Highway 212 in and around Redfield. The reason for adopting the proposed amendments is to enhance safety.
717 Amendment of proposed Administrative Rules of South Dakota numbered §§ 74:05:05:16, 74:05:05:17, 74:05:05:18, 74:05:05:19, 74:05:05:20, 74:05:05:21, and 74:05:05:21.01 The effect of the rules will be to redistrict the director areas of seven water development districts. The reason for amending the rules is to reflect the changes of district director areas due to the 2020 Census.