Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Proposed Amendments to ARSD 74:36 – Air Pollution Control Program

Periodically, the Air Quality Program needs to go through the state regulations to ensure they are equivalent to the federal regulations. DENR proposes the following changes: 1. For federal regulations that are adopted by reference, the Air Quality Program updates the reference date to the most current version of the federal regulations which is currently July 1, 2018; 2. EPA periodically revises the ambient air quality standards. In a previous rule making, DENR intended to adopt the new revised standard(s). Unfortunately, DENR inadvertently cited the old standard and not the new standard. DENR is proposing to change the language to reference the appropriate standard(s); 3. EPA adopted federal emission guidelines and compliance times for municipal solid waste landfills. In this case, we are required to draft state rules that are equivalent to the federal regulations and submit a section 111(d) plan under the Clean Air Act; and 4. There is some minor cleanup of the rules, such as typographical errors, etc.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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