Department of Game, Fish, and Parks

March Proposals / April Finals

The proposed rule changes would 1) alter a the boundary of an existing unit for Bighorn Sheep. 2)close antlerless elk in Custer State Park. 3) authorize a park entrance or small game license without a fee if an individual submits an idea that is utilized in the conservation of habitat 4) create the ability to have a super-tag lottery draw 5) alter the dates of trapping season allowed on public lands 6) create a rule requiring individuals to sign an affidavit related to the bounty program 7) create uniformity regarding park use times 8) create a fee structure for commercial use in state parks 9) clean up language regarding park usage 10)exempt Crow Creek tribal members from a park license entrance to West Bend Recreation Area 11) simplify service fees related to the Mickelson Trail

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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