Department of Social Services

Economic Assistance, Medical Services, and Child Care Services

The effects of the rules will be to update certain rules to reflect annual changes, update terminology and other language to align with current practice and provide clarification, update citations, add categories of eligible providers for mental health services, clarify coverage for collateral contacts for mental health services, add child development to required orientation training for child care providers, establish a single method for the valuation of life estates for the Medicaid program, repeal duplicate rules, expand income eligibility for child care services, incorporate the reauthorized child care services block grant requirements into rule, replace annual submission of ICAPs within the CHOICES Medicaid waiver program with an ICAP submission requirement upon initiation of services, as individual’s needs change and every three years, clarify annual redetermination requirements for the CHOICES waiver, and update citations throughout.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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