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GFP 2017 January Proposals/February Finals

1. Amend ARSD 41:04:02:32 – Hughes County public water safety zones. Effect: The proposed change would create a 400 yard area as a no wake zone in front of campsites. Reason: The proposed no wake zone is a popular area for swimmers due to its proximity to campsites. A no wake zone would increase safety for beach users and protect the shoreline from erosion and yet still allow boaters to beach their crafts along the shoreline. 2. Amend ARSD 41:04:02:52 – Perkins County public water safety zones. Effect: The proposed change would create a no wake zone in the west boat ramp bay on Shadehill Reservoir. Reason: Shadehill Reservoir has become more popular with the recent addition of privately owned cabin lots adjacent to department land near the boat access area. The higher volume has led to future planning of an expanded boat ramp and parking lot. This will encourage even more use of the west boat ramp. A no wake zone in the bay will protect boats and boaters during launching and loading. 3. Amend ARSD 41:03:01:16 – Restrictions on use of firearms and bows – Exceptions. Effect: The proposed change would limit hunting in Oakwood Lakes State Park to shotguns using shot shells, crossbows, and bows. Reason: Oakwood Lake State Park is the 4th smallest state park. The park as extensive established campgrounds and designated day use areas where hunting is currently prohibited by rule. Recently, additional campgrounds have been added to the park ultimately making rifle hunting unsafe in the park. 4. Amend ARSD 41:06:56 – Black Hills Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season Effect: The proposed changes would rename the administrative chapter to “Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season.” In addition the proposed change would make appropriate name changes to applicable rules within the chapter removing the term “Black Hills.” The proposed rule would also establish a new hunting unit as that portion of Pennington County east of the Cheyenne River and that portion of Jackson County north of the White River, excluding the Badlands National Park. Reason: The bighorn sheep herd on the Badlands National Park and surrounding area has strong numbers and is at a level where hunting opportunities on lands outside the national park are available. As a result, a new hunting unit will be created adjacent to the national park. As a result of bighorn sheep hunting opportunities no longer only being located in the Black Hills, the name of the administrative chapter and respective rules will be changed to reflect and conform to a Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season chapter. 5. Amend: ARSD 41:07:03:01 – Inland Waters and ARSD 41:07:03:03 – Daily possession, and length limit restrictions on special management waters – Additional restrictions described. Effect: The proposed changes will eliminate the ability to harvest one muskellunge or northern-muskellunge effectively turning the species into a catch and release fish. Reason: Muskellunge and northern-muskellunge are primarily a trophy fish that are not commonly caught for consumption. By requiring catch and release, it will prevent fish from being harvested and allow the population to produce larger, trophy fish.

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