Department of Game, Fish, and Parks

GFP 2017 December Proposals/January Finals

1. Amend ARSD 41:06:16:02.01 – Low Plains duck hunting season established. Effect: The proposed amendment would modify the Low Plains South Zone hunting season to begin on the third Saturday instead of the second Saturday. 2.Amend ARSD 41:06:16:03 – Daily bag limit. Effect: The proposed amendment would increase the pintail bag limit from one to two. 3. Amend ARSD 41:06:16:07 – Goose hunting season, Conservation Order, and August Management Take established. Effect: The proposed amendment would remove Lawrence and Meade Counties from Unit 1 and place them in Unit 2. 4. Amend ARSD 41:06:50:03 – Daily and possession limits. Effect: The proposed amendment would reduce the daily limit from fifteen to eight birds and change the possession limit from forty-five to three times the daily limit of Canada geese.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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