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South Dakota Board of Nursing

Chapter 20:48:01 amends the definitions section to include a definition of registrant. A registrant is defined as unlicensed assistive personnel who are registered by the board. Chapter 20:48:16 adds the requirements for the operation of the unlicensed assistive personnel registry, defines the application process for registration, defines the renewal and reactivation requirements and the process for denial or removal from the registry. Chapter 20:48:08 amends the process for disciplinary action for licensed nurses and registrants. The primary effect of the amendments is to remove language that identifies an informal process for disciplinary procedures and clarifies the staff representative’s role when a notice of claimed misconduct is received. The rules further define board action following notification of the claimed misconduct and add a letter of reprimand and probation as actions that require a hearing.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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