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70:01:02:01 - Minnehaha County speed zone rule

70:01:02:01 – A limited speed zone on State Trunk Highway 115 in and around Dell Rapids is being changed and extended following re-design and re-construction of the highway. Under the proposed rule, the speed limit is being reduced from 65 miles per hour (“mph”) to 55 mph on a 1.08 mile segment of State Trunk Highway 115 immediately southeast of the existing limited speed zone. A 35 mph speed zone is proposed for a 1.44 mile segment of State Trunk Highway 115 in Dell Rapids and then a 50 mph speed zone is proposed for a 0.2 mile segment immediately to the west of this 35 mph zone. These changes are supported by speed studies that were conducted during the re-design of the highway and will enhance the safety and function of the highway.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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