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Article 24:05 (Extraordinary Costs) Article 24:08 (Professional Teachers) Article 24:11 (Professional Administrators) Article 24:56 (Cooperation in Education) Article 24:57 (Teacher Performance Standards and Evaluation)

The effect of the changes to Article 24:05 (Extraordinary Costs) is to revise and clarify the application, approval, distribution, and expenditure process for requesting extraordinary cost funds and reduce the number of mandatory meetings of the Extraordinary Cost Oversight Board. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to return the focus of extraordinary cost funds to assisting districts in meeting the extraordinary needs of students and programs rather than excess costs. The effect of changes to Article 24:08 (Professional Teachers) and Article 24:11 (Professional Administrators) is to remove unused definitions, change the article titles, and move the teacher performance standards rule (ยง 24:08:06:01) to another article. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is for clean up and clarification of the focus of the articles. The effect of Article 24:56 (Cooperation in Education) will be to set deadlines, requirements, and criteria for approval of school district consortium agreements and whole grade sharing agreements. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to provide more structure to the submission and approval process and fulfill rulemaking requirements imposed in statute. The effect of Article 24:57 (Teacher Performance Standards and Evaluation) will be to reference the most recent version of the Danielson framework and to allow a school district to use its own process for evaluating teachers, as long as it can provide evidence that the process aligns with the Danielson framework and includes, as a significant factor, data on student growth. The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to provide school districts with flexibility to evaluate and support teachers in their professional growth, while still maintaining consistency across the state.

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