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Shared Living Homes, Administrative Requirements, CHOICES Waiver Services, Family Support Waiver Services and Family Support Services

The effect of the rules and the reason for adopting the proposed rules is to: limit participants in shared living to individuals with IDD/DD age 22 and older; require training for disability awareness, the participant’s Individual Service Plan, and abuse, neglect, and exploitation for respite care providers and anyone over 18 years of age living in the home; allow a cell phone to be used instead of requiring a landline; prohibit a shared living provider from being a representative payee over a participant’s money; specify the staff orientation requirements of providers of case management; clarify what Individual Service Plan expectations are for a participant’s goals; eliminate a rule concerning alternative day services; add new training requirements to include focusing on the participant’s needs to achieve their good life; add new requirements to ISP development to include Charting the LifeCourse principles; modify coordination of required actions and timeframes; repeal a rule which is repetitive with DSS Medicaid rules; eliminate a rule stating that no services are provided if state funds are not available; change the name of Statewide Family Support to Strengthening Families Program; and update the age requirement from 2 ½ to 3 years of age for incontinence supplies.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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