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24:10:42:27, 24:10:42:28, Chapter 24:10:45, Chapter 24:10:49, Chapter 24:56:03

The effect and purpose of changes to 24:10:42:27 (Postsecondary technical institute (PTI) facility fund set aside) is to change the amount of the set-aside of projected state fees charged to students pledged for the payment of lease purchase agreements in order to comply with 2016 House Bill 1203. The effect and purpose of changes to 24:10:42:28 (PTI per student allocation) is to increase the PTI per student allocation to the level set for fiscal year 2017 by the South Dakota Legislature. The effect and purpose of changes to chapter 24:10:45 (PTI credential) is to transition PTI instructor credentialing from the South Dakota Department of Education to the postsecondary technical institutes and comply with 2016 Senate Bill 8. The effect and purpose of new chapter 24:10:49 (PTI instructor salary support) is to provide guidance for the use of money provided by the South Dakota Legislature pursuant to 2016 House Bill 1182 to increase PTI instructor salaries. The effect and purpose of new 24:17:03:10 (Requirement to submit educational structure data) is to provide the annual deadline and requirements for school districts to report their educational structure data in order to comply with all reporting and state aid calculation requirements. The effect and purpose of new chapter 24:56:03 (Shared services grants) is to lay out the application process, guidelines, and criteria for the shared services grant program established by the South Dakota legislature in 2016 Senate Bill 133, which encourages the sharing of employee services between school districts.

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