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Chapter 24:05:24.01 (eligibility criteria - autism spectrum disorder) and Section 24:55:01:01(37) (“students with disabilities” accountability definition).

The effect of changes to chapter 24:05:24.01 (eligibility criteria - autism spectrum disorder) is to update terminology, criteria, and other requirements regarding the definition and evaluation of autism spectrum disorder, to reference the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and to repeal sections already covered by other comprehensive evaluation rules. The reason for these changes is to comply with new legislation, requirements, and best practices, and to clean up and streamline certain provisions. The effect of changes to section 24:55:01:01(37) (“students with disabilities” accountability definition) is to make the definition of “students with disabilities” in the accountability rules consistent with the definition in the special education rules. The reason for this change is to clean up and streamline the rules.

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