Attorney General

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Amendment of Proposed Uniform Complaint and Summons Forms numbered 2:03:01:01 and 2:03:01:02 The amended rules purpose is to implement amendments to SDCL 23-1A-5 and 23A-2-1. The amended rules will allow law enforcement agencies the option to modify their uniform complaint and summons forms so law enforcement officers have the ability to sign and file uniform complaints and summons based upon the officers’ declarations. 05/18/2015 05/28/2015
24/7 Sobriety Program drug patch fee increase The proposed rule change will increase the fee paid by a 24/7 Sobriety Program drug patch participant from $40 to $50. 02/23/2018 04/09/2018 03/05/2018
Law Enforcement Officers The amended rules amend the requirements for certification or employment as a law enforcement officer, canine team, school sentinel, or 911 telecommunicator. 08/19/2020 09/15/2020 08/19/2020
Amendment to Rules 2:01:02:01, 2:01:02:04.02, 2:01:06:17, 2:01:11:01, 2:01:11:02, 2:01:11:03, 2:01:11:04, 2:01:11:07, 2:01:11:09, 2:01:11:10, 2:05:01:01, 2:05:03:02, 2:05:03:03, 2:05:03:04, 2:05:03:06, and 2:05:03:09. The purpose of the proposed rules is to strengthen background investigations for law enforcement officers, ensure adequate training for officers when they are faced with escalating force, maintain the high professional standards expected of officers, and strengthen the transparency of commission actions and the public's ability to file a complaint against an officer. 04/21/2021 05/10/2021 04/16/2021
Heroes Wellness Grants These rules set forth the application and grant award process for the Heroes Wellness Grants. 11/03/2021 12/27/2021 11/13/2021
Attorney General 02:09 Civil Forfeitures The proposed rules set forth the necessary contents of a forfeiture report and the procedures and deadline for a law enforcement agency to submit the report the Attorney General's office. 04/24/2023 06/13/2023 05/04/2023
Revisions to Administrative Rules 02:01 and 02:05 concerning law enforcement officers and 911 telecommunicators. These proposed rule changes update and clarify minimum standards, training, and employment regulations for law enforcement officers and 911 telcommunicators. The rule changes seek to ensure consistency across all article chapters where overlap exists. The proposed rule changes fix certain statutory references and definitions. The rule changes also include provisions for refusal of school sentinel applications. A new proposed rule expands law enforcement eligibility in limited cases, permitting certain technical college students who complete a state-recognized law enforcement program to be potentially eligible for employment prior to reaching age 21. 10/12/2023 11/07/2023 10/06/2023