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New variation Poker Game Add Dakota Duel Draw to the types of Poker authorized. 12/16/2020 12/14/2020
Gaming Rules Changes Changes to Gaming Rules for Sports Betting and cleanup of some existing rules. GAMING RULES: 20:18:06:02, 20:18:08:03, 20:18:12.01:01, 20:18:14:01, 20:18:15:28, 20:18:15:31, 20:18:16:32.01, 20:18:16:37, 20:18:18:15, 20:18:22:12, 20:18:29:02, 20:18:29:03, 20:18:29:09, 20:18:29:10 05/18/2021 05/14/2021
Proposed Gaming Rule Changes Proposed rules for Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW), Wagering on Sporting Events and modifications to existing rules to allow these activities. 07/14/2021 07/09/2021