Department of Social Services

Economic Assistance, Medical Services, Child Support Enforcement, Child Care Services, and Behavioral Health

The effects of the Economic Assistance rules will be to move more information to the Department’s website, update repealed citation, repeal duplicative rules, align with federal regulations. The effects of the Medical Services rules will be to clarify coverage for incontinence items, update to most recent version of coding manuals, repeal duplicative information, clarify coverage for medically necessary services with no transportation provided by a ground ambulance, update medical record documentation and retention requirements, updates third-party liability claim requirements for prenatal care, clarifies that training costs are still covered for the equipment that previously had a bundled coding structure, updates the list of psychology services providers in a school district setting to be consistent with our eligible providers in our Mental Health Services by Independent Practitioners chapter, updates primary care provider program terminology, claim requirements, and program requirements, aligns medical services diagnostic assessment and treatment plan requirements with the Division of Behavioral Health rules, update rules related to federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics regarding definitions, covered services, and reimbursement methodology, and allows early intervention for substance use disorders as a covered service. The effects of this Child Support Enforcement rule change will be to update citations to federal authority regarding program requirements. The effects of the Child Care Services rules will be to update a repealed rule reference. The effects of the Behavioral Health rules will be to aligning our substance use disorder rules with our medical services rules to reference the Department’s fee schedule website for billing information and to clarify progress note requirements.

New content is added below as the draft rules move through the rule-making process.

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