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• 70:01:02:07 – Yankton County speed zone rule • 70:13:01:10 – Project requirements 70:01:02:07 – Yankton County speed zone rule. A forty-five miles per hour (m.p.h.) speed limit will replace the current 55 m.p.h. speed limit on State Trunk Highway 153 in Yankton County, from the intersection with State Trunk Highway 52 near Gavin’s Point Dam then north for 0.9 mile. This rule change is proposed to enhance safety. The rule is also being revised to eliminate an obsolete reference to the upper and lower decks of the U.S. Highway 81 bridge over the Missouri River in Yankton. 70:13:01:10 – Project requirements. For bridge improvement grants, the department proposes to replace references to “reimbursable” expenses with “eligible” expenses. This rule change will expand options for making grant disbursements. 05/27/2021 05/25/2021