Bureau of Human Resources

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55:08:01:01, 55:08:02:03, 55:08:03:02, 55:08:03:04 and chapter 55:08:04 Amend rules to implement parts of SB 57, passed during 2021 Legislative Session, which updated laws regarding the state employee health plan and its administration. These changes will help ease plan administration of the multiple benefits the state offers. 04/19/2021 04/29/2021
Bureau of Human Resources/Civil Service Commission ARSD 55:10:11:10, 55:10:11:13, 55:10:11:14, and 55:10:11:18 Removal of the mandatory requirement that rate of pay for certain employees must be adjusted to at least five percent above minimum after six months of service. We are revising the compensation plan and moving current pay range minimums toward true market minimums. 05/26/2021 05/21/2021